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Hallmark System


Right 4U Construction, LLC provides tough, durable coatings for driveways, patios, pool decks,  walkways, balconies, spa areas, floors inside the home and even vertical walls. The CTi Hallmark System is the perfect protection against common concrete enemies like freezing & thawing, fading, salts & alkalis, stains, and heat. Beautiful, yet tough, the CTi Hallmark System can give your home a look that’s as distinctive as your imagination and personality. Looks such as tile, flagstone and brick are provided for a fraction of the cost in most cases.

CTi’s versatility, beauty and durability provides the perfect finish for almost anywhere in or around the home. The CTi System is a tough, durable floor that is easier to maintain than most industry products, is twice the strength of concrete and keeps its deep, rich beauty for years.

Acrylistain Decorative Concrete


CTi’s Acrylistain System provides your home with the rich, warm look of concrete stain while giving your floors a tough as nails protective coating that will withstand heavy traffic, and stains, and keep its luster for years.

The Acrylistain System comes in a number of colors and styles to give you a look that is all your own. Unlike acid stained concrete, CTi’s Acrylistain System uses only environmentally friendly products that will not damage cabinets, rails and other surrounding areas where a unique look is needed. In addition, CTi’s Acrylistain provides a consistent, color integrated look that is not affected by the chemical make-up of the existing concrete.

In addition to its beauty, the Acrylistain System is easier to maintain than tile, wood or other industry standard products. The Acrylistain System can be applied over concrete that has cracks, chips or other defects due to its ability to cover those imperfections and give your floor a brand new look.

Euro Bond Concrete


The Euro Bond System gives you decorating versatility you simply can’t get with most countertop surfaces. Euro Bond offers dozens of styles and an unlimited palette. Precisely match your color scheme and choose the look that will complement your kitchen’s decor.

Euro Bond can even be applied to floors or used as your backsplash for a total,  coordinated look.  Anti-microbial Euro Bond helps prevent bacteria, stands up to most kitchen cleaners and household chemicals and resists normal wear and tear.

Stone Classic Decorative Concrete


Long known for its strength and durability when applied outside the home, Concrete Technology has become synonymous with quality flooring. CTi now introduces its “Stone Classics” System, a perfect floor covering for the main areas inside your home such as living rooms, playrooms, bedrooms, basements, kitchens, and garage floors.

The “Stone Classics” System offers grout lines that will not stain plus a limitless number of colors and patterns to choose from. The “Stone Classics finish comes in a number of standard designs to suit your particular needs. Whether it’s marble, granite or something completely unique, the “Stone Classics” is a versatile finish that can compliment any area.

The ability of covering floors, countertops and walls allows you to tie in the look of an entire room. The CTi System is much stronger than products such as terrazzo or tile. It also offers numerous advantages not available in traditional products.

F1 Decorative Concrete


Right 4U Construction, LLC fast floor finish offers cutting edge nano-technology which combines the most desirable traits of both epoxies and urethanes. 

The F1 provides quick curing time which dramatically shortens downtime during application. The F1 is an outstanding interior coating that offers superior penetration and bonding strenght. The F1 Fast Floor will offer years of abrasion, impact and wear resistance. It is great for residential and commercial applications.

Reflective Flooring


Right 4U Construction, LLC Reflective Finish provides you with the ability to have the look of custom marble or granite surfaces in a fraction of the time and expense. The Reflective Finish System offers a tough, durable finish and can be applied directly over such surfaces as laminate and concrete. 

Marbe, granite or a look that is uniquley yours is all available with CTI’s Reflective Finsh product. An extensive array of color combinations is avaialbe to meet the needs of any home or business owner. The Reflective Finish cab be applied to countertops and floors to provide a beautiful, custom made look to your home. The anti-microbial finish helps prevent bacteria, stands up to almost all household cleaners, and resist normal wear and tear. Best of all, the Reflective Finish is stronger than marble or granite countertops, reisists chipping and is waterproof. 

Commercial Concrete Coatings


Right 4U Construction, LLC provides a number of soluctions for your business and industrial needs. Whether it’s providing your compnay’s logo to the entrance to your business or giving your warehouse a chemical resistant floor that can withstand forklift traffic, Right 4U Construction, LLC has the coating that is right for you. 

Right 4U Construction, LLC provides a full line of urethane and epoxy floors that can give an automotive service, warehouse floor, commercial kitchen or other industrial areas a tough, clean look. Our urethane and epoxy floors will also withstand airplane traffic and heavy machinery to keep your work area looking great. In addtiton, Right 4U Construction, LLC can put your company’s logo and other designs to create a look that is one of a kind. Our commercial applications are designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, vehicular traffic and keep its great look for years. 

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